The 10 gastronomic experiences

1. The Rhône wine route

Côte-Rôtie, Condrieu and Saint Joseph. Depending on the road traffic which can be very busy during rush hour, it is advisable to start this wine route with the most northern vineyards by the Côte-Rôtie in Ampuis (60 km from the château), then to go on to the Condrieu and finish with the Saint-Joseph in the village of Marolles.

Côte-Rôtie :

The vineyard of Côte-Rôtie is one of the oldest vineyards in France. Appellation d'origine contrôlée recognized since 1936, the Côte-Rôtie stands out among the great wines of the Rhone Valley. Wine territory celebrated since the Antiquity, the wines coming from the Côte-Rôtie were served at the great tables of the European monarchies.
The Côte-Rôtie appellation today covers 3 communes on the right bank of the Rhône: Saint-Cyr-sur-Rhône, Ampuis, Tupin-Semons, in the Rhône department. The terroir of Côte-Rôtie is made up of very steep granite terraces covered with a layer of silica and limestone in the Côte blonde, clay and iron oxide in the Côte brune. A terraced vineyard that cannot be mechanized at all and where everything is done manually on these very well exposed hillside plots. Legend has it that in the Middle Ages, the Lord of Maugiron endowed each of his two daughters, one blonde and the other brown, with the best slopes of his estate. The geological difference of these two soils influences the nature of the wines that come from them. The Côte Brune gives dense, very colored (almost black), tannic, powerful wines with a very animal aspect, while the Côte Blonde produces more aromatic, more perfumed wines with more roundness and suppleness.
The climate is moderate continental, dry and hot in summer, with regular rainfall in the other seasons.
A vineyard that almost disappeared and was reborn after the Great War, under the impetus of some dynamic winegrowers like Marcel Guigal, and which today is pushed forward by some talented enthusiasts like Yves Cuilleron, Jean-Michel Gerin, Stéphane Pichat, Georges Vernay, Jean Villa or Louis Chèze.
The surface area in production of Côte-Rôtie wines is about 230 ha for an annual production of about 8500 hectoliters of red wine. The wine of Côte-Rôtie is made of at least 80% Syrah, 20% Viognier being authorized at most. The wine is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months to 3 years.

Our selection of winemakers :
*SCEA- Domaine Pichat
Producer Récoltant
6, Chemin de la Viallière
69420 AMPUIS
Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, Saturday from 9am to 12pm.

*Château d'Ampuis
Stéphane Crozet
69420 Ampuis.
Tel : 04 74 56 10 22.
Emblematic property of the Guigal house, spearheading the revival of the Côte-Rôtie. Visits by appointment for initiated wine lovers only.

*Domaine Stéphane Ogier
97 Route de la Taquière
69420 Ampuis
+33 4 74 56 10 75
[email protected]
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6 pm.

One of the best winemakers of Côte-Rôtie. The tasting room is said to be the best in the Northern Rhône Valley.

*Domaine Rostaing
Le Port - 69420 Ampuis

Tel: 33 (0)4 74 56 12 00

[email protected]

The entire production is sent to the United States each year. To taste one of his bottles, you must visit him. By appointment.

*Domaine Clusel-Roch
15, route du Lacat, Verenay
69420 Ampuis.
Tel: 04 74 56 15 95.

An excellent family domain led by Gilbert Clusel, Brigitte Roch and their son Guillaume. Certified organic. By appointment.

Condrieu :

About ten kilometers south of Vienne, the vineyard stretches along the edge of the Massif Central that descends in steep hillsides to the right bank of the Rhône. Condrieu, which looks like a small Mediterranean port, has vines that are historically an extension of those of Côte-Rôtie. The appellation produces only delicate and smooth white wines made from the only authorized grape variety, Viognier. It is the reference in great white wines of the Rhone Valley. Only the white Hermitages can compete with this magnificent appellation.
The Condrieu are appreciated for their elegance, their finesse and especially their explosive aromas linked to a very expressive Viognier grape variety, but also to long maturing in oak barrels which brings them suppleness and a very feminine side.
The apricot is an often very marked aroma in the white wine of Condrieu.
Today, the AOC has 200 hectares and has become a worldwide reference, especially in the USA.

Our selection of winegrower :

*Domaine Georges Vernay
1, route nationale, 69420 Condrieu.
Tel: 04 74 56 81 81.
Emblematic estate of the Condrieu revival. By appointment.

*Domaine François Villard
330, route du Réseau-Ange,
42410 Saint-Michel-sur-Rhône.
Tel: 04 74 56 83 60.
Since 2019 the Domaine Villard has embarked on a conversion to organic farming, soon the LABEL AB on all its wines! The white wines of the domain are fruity and airy with often beautiful wood maturation in used barrels which gives them notes of vanilla and honey. By appointment.

*Domaine Christophe Pichon
36 Le Grand Val 42410 Chavanay
[email protected]
04 88 80 13 58
Ancestral and family owned, Domaine Christophe PICHON is one of the best producers of the appellations in terms of wine quality. Ambitious and determined to bring a new dimension, he wishes to reinforce his notoriety and to be recognized by the specialists as an essential of the appellations Condrieu, Côte-Rôtie, Saint-Joseph White and Red and Cornas. Skillfully vinified in a modern and pleasant style, the wines are of great precision. They reveal a freshness and a maturity of fruit of very great invoice. The estate has recently taken a qualitative step forward which places it definitely in the elite of its sector.

*Lionel Faury
19 bis, La Ribaudy
42410 Chavanay
+33 (0)4 74 87 26 00
[email protected]
Praised for the remarkable quality of its Condrieu wines, Domaine Faury also shines for the excellence of its Saint-Joseph wines. Respect for the terroir and working the soil are the basis of Lionel Faury's approach, who excels in the art of magnifying Syrah and Viognier. Today, the estate is exclusively worked in organic farming and is one of the great revelations of the Northern Rhône Valley.
The vineyard of the property extends over 17 hectares of vines divided between Syrah and Viognier. The reputation of Domaine Faury is well established. The critics have already taken care of it. 1 star by the Guide Hachette des Vins, not to mention the opinions of Wine Spectator, or Decanter.
The Domaine Faury is an obligatory stopover for anyone looking for an introduction to the wines of the Rhone Valley. Few domains express so clearly the terroirs on which they are located. To be discovered absolutely.

Saint Joseph (white and red) :

On the right bank of the Rhone, the Saint-Joseph appellation stretches for about 50 kilometers straddling the departments of Loire and Ardèche. It stretches from Chavanay on the border with Isère to Guilherand just west of the city of Valence; between Condrieu and Côte-Rôtie to the north, Saint-Péray and Cornas to the south. It is a vineyard that winds its way along the granite slopes of the steep meandering hills of the Rhône. It offers a unique view of the Alps and the Mont-Blanc (on a clear day).
Delicate and tasty, the wines of Saint-Joseph were already sold in the 16th century. They were appreciated at the table of the kings of France. In the 18th century, the Jesuits of Tournon gave the Saint-Joseph cru its current name. Between 1956 and 1969, all the vineyards in this part of the Côtes du Rhône were grouped together and given the local AOC Saint-Joseph.
The grape variety used for the red Saint-Joseph wines is almost exclusively Syrah with possibly 10% Roussanne or Marsanne. The latter two varieties are also used to make white Saint-Joseph wines. The vinification of the red wines is traditionally done with long vatting times and an aging period of 10 months to 2 years in chestnut or oak barrels. For the white wines, the vatting in open vats lasts 15 days and the aging a few months.

Our selection of winemakers :

*Domaine Paret
Place de l'Eglise 42520 Saint-Pierre-de-Boeuf Tél : 04 74 87 12 09 Fax : 04 74 87 17 34 Mail : [email protected] Web :
Thanks to its working methods linked to the lunar cycles, Alain Paret produces wines of very high quality that have received numerous national and international awards. Already present in several countries (Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the United States, Great Britain, Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Taiwan), the House of Alain Paret continues to develop. His credo: "Only quality pays; you must not disappoint. Each time, we must surpass ourselves

*Domaine Pierre Gaillard
Lieu dit "Chez Favier" 42520 Malleval

Tel : 04 74 87 13 10 Fax : 04 74 87 17 66

Mail : [email protected]

Web :

On the borders of the Loire department, in the commune of Malleval, the Domaine Pierre Gaillard has been making a name for itself for 30 years thanks to its wines from the greatest appellations in the region (Côte-Rôtie, Condrieu, Saint-Joseph, Cornas and Crozes-Hermitage). The vineyard of the Domaine Pierre Gaillard is today constituted of a surface of 16 hectares. The vines are planted on slopes of light granitic sand, different from the Condrieu parcels by their eastern orientation. This slightly less hot exposure ensures a nice acidity on the Viognier berries, whose richness and maturity are favored by the low yields.
The Domaine Pierre Gaillard is one of the most complete in the Rhone Valley, it excels in each of the wines it undertakes and this on each appellation.

After visiting this domain, take the opportunity to visit the medieval village of Malleval, one of the most beautiful in the department!

*Domaine Les Terriens
14, rue des Eguets 42410 Chavanay

Phone : 06 07 88 27 45

Mail : [email protected]

Web :
The Domaine Les Terriens is undoubtedly one of the new names to be reckoned with in the future. Over the last few vintages, this Rhodanian house has demonstrated its talent in an impressive way. The initiated will recognize in each of the vintages the touch of a genius of the place, Pierre-Jean Villa. He has been a great advisor since the beginning and his help in the take-off has turned into a real launch for the Domaine Les Terriens. By appointment only.

2. The wine route of the Plaine du Forez

Vin du pays d'Urfé (white wine) :

Let's start the wine route with the little known (for the non Foréziens) but no less deserving Urfé white which has the European label IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée). Produced between the roannais and the forez, it is mainly made with the vines surrounding the peak of Saint Romain le Puy. The main grape varieties are chardonnay, pinot gris, viognier, gamay, roussanne, Marsanne and aligoté.
The current production is relatively confidential, being around 1000 hectoliters.
The white Urfé wine has a pale yellow color, the nose is very floral, with notes of citrus and white flesh fruits. The mouth is dense, generous and lively at the same time.
Our winemaker selection:

*Vin et Pic
20 rue de Bellevue
42560 Boisset Saint Priest
[email protected]
04 77 24 98 89
Cellar open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 3pm to 6pm

By appointment on Saturday mornings from 10am to 12pm and 3pm to 6pm.
Closed last Saturday of the month and Sunday, holidays

Côte de Forez (red and rosé wine) :

The Côtes du Forez is the most upstream vineyard of the Loire River valley. It is nestled on the first volcanic slopes of the Massif Central, in the heart of the Loire department, a few miles from Saint-Etienne and 100 kilometers from Lyon.
Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée since 2000, the vineyard now covers nearly 150 hectares and 17 communes.
Two types of soils are found in this territory:
- basaltic mounds of volcanic origin which are among the oldest volcanoes in France (60 million years old for the Montaubourg peak, 20 million years old for those of Marcilly-le-Châtel)
- a granitic terroir, resulting from the erosion of the Massif Central.

The average altitude of the vines is between 400 and 600 meters. The vineyard benefits from the foehn effect coming from the Monts du Forez: to pass Pierre sur Haute at 1634 m of altitude, the west winds loaded with oceanic humidity, dry up before coming down on the vineyard. The annual rainfall is therefore very low on the hillsides.
The Gamay Saint Romain black grape variety with white juice is perfectly adapted to this region because of its suitability to the soil and the climate. Selected for centuries, this grape variety reaches perfect maturity each year in the appellation and expresses the intrinsic qualities of Gamay.

The red wines :

The red Côtes du Forez is a Gamay with a ruby color, aromas of red fruits with characteristic spicy notes, and a supple structure. It is a dry wine, typical of black fruits, with an intense color. For vines growing on volcanic soils, the wine then develops a more or less pronounced mineral note.

Rosé wines :

Lively, fruity, persistent and harmoniously structured wines, they release delicate scents of apricot, pineapple and grapefruit.
Our selection of winegrowers (the vine is an outdoor job, the best is to prevent your passage):

*Cave Verdier-Logel
434, rue de la côte 42130 Marcilly le châtel

Tel. 04 77 97 41 95

[email protected]
Cellar open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 7pm. Closed on Sunday.

*Jean-François Arnaud Domaine du Poyet

255 Route de Ste Anne 42130 Marcilly-le-Châtel

Tel. 06 71 41 36 46

[email protected]
Cellar open every day (Cuvée des Vieux Ceps 2019 Coup de Cœur Guide Hachette des vins 2021)

* Organic wine :
Les Rêves Oubliés
Nadia Beaune 4164, route de maure 42130 Marcilly-le-Châtel
Tel. 06 02 17 16 80

[email protected]
To know the other winemakers :

Côte roannaise
Leaning against the eastern slopes of the Madeleine mountains, in the heart of the Massif Central, the vineyards of the Côte Roannaise are limited to the best hillsides west of Roanne, whose soils are granitic. This is the country of Gamay. The production of fruity and original red wines is completed by pleasant rosé wines which also benefit from the AOC.

Red wines :
Gourmet wines, the red wines of the Côte Roannaise are made from the Gamay grape. Their ruby colors, their fruit aromas make them easy-drinking, straightforward and pleasant wines. Harvesting of old vines with longer vatting times gives more powerful wines with peppery harmony and silky tannins.

Rosé wines :
Rarer, with only 15% of the production, the rosé wines of the Côte Roannaise are to be drunk during the year. With a color in shades of pink, they have a nose that is oriented towards cherry and black currant. In the mouth, freshness and vivacity are present.

Visit the Cotes Roannaises in a playful way :
The winegrowers of the Côte Roannaise offer you a new event: a theatrical rally in the vineyards! Panic on the Roannaise coast!
For several days, the winegrowers have had the unpleasant surprise of noticing, on several occasions, that vine stocks had been savagely uprooted on certain plots. Faced with the recurrence of the damage, they call upon Edmond Baravin and Justine Baratine, from the Baramine agency, specialized in wine investigations and decoding of all kinds. These two detectives will need the help of all the participants to solve the puzzle they are faced with. The perspicacity of the winemakers will help them stay on the right track. It is urgent to sort out the suspects in order to put an end to the ransacking of the vineyards. And who knows, the treasure may be within reach!
The "Rallye" kit is available in the cellars of the vineyard, at the Roanne Tourist Office, at the Maison de Pays d'Ambierle and at the Cure in St Jean St Maurice for the price of 5euros.

Our selection of winegrowers :
La Rochette - 42 155 Villemontais
Tel. 04 77 63 10 62
[email protected]
The cellar is open all year round from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm, except on Sundays and public holidays by appointment.

Route de Montplaisir - 42 820 Ambierle
Tel. 04 77 65 65 51
[email protected]

Within the framework of wine tourism, this winegrower offers you an individual or group welcome for a tour of the vineyards, with a demonstration of the work in progress, a commented visit of the winery (equipment, vinification, ...) a tasting of the different vintages of our exploitation. It offers additional options: Accompanying charcuterie and cheese from local producers. Alain BAILLON will pass on to you some of the knowledge he acquired during his career as a winegrower and winemaker. You will discover the winegrower's job: the work of the vine, the grape varieties, the oenology, the wine making, the tasting and the climate of the Côte Roannaise!

Visits only by appointment and guided tours

Les Pothiers
42 155 Villemontais
Tel. 04 77 63 15 84
[email protected]

Domain of 18 hectares 100 % in Biodynamie. Harvesting only by hand.
Visits by appointment from Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

3. The visit of the Weiss chocolate factory

It all began in Saint-Etienne, land of chocolate, in 1882. Eugène Weiss, creator and precursor, discovered the art of praline and blending and created Haut Chocolat®. In order not to lose any of this tradition and unique know-how, Weiss masters the entire production process from the selection of cocoa beans, hazelnuts, almonds, ... to the ballotin of chocolate candies, and never stops innovating "with and for its beloved customers".
Located in the heart of the Chocolate Factory, the Weiss Workshops are a unique, lively and accessible place with the paying visit of the Chocolate Factory Gateway. Accompanied by a Weiss employee-guide, the visitor overlooks the confectionery workshops to discover the secrets of the Chocolate Factory. This 30-minute guided tour in the heart of the Haut Chocolat® is a unique moment of sharing and enjoyment.

1 rue Eugène Weiss
42000 Saint Etienne
06 38 30 73 58

4. The visit of the Princes' chocolate factory

Walk through the door of the chocolate factory .... and you will be pleasantly surprised by the smell that envelops you and brings you into the wonderful world of chocolate.
A guided tour will take you from the origins of the cocoa tree to the succulent chocolates that we make in front of you. You will be able to appreciate the meticulous and precise work of the chocolate makers who reveal the quality of our pure cocoa butter chocolate.
The tasting of our delicious specialties closes this visit.
Reservations are required for individual guided tours:

5. The Cornan House, the best pasta maker in the world, followed by a visit to the Pralus store.

CORNAND is first and foremost an affair of taste, a taste that industrial production trivializes and standardizes on the principle of the economic necessity to feed the planet, eliminating the shared social pleasure of eating well and good.
Gastronomy is the only affordable luxury for all, an art of the table that the whole world recognizes. CORNAND is part of the constant and fruitful renewal of this French art of living by imagining and creating a unique collection of authentic and high fashion handmade pasta whose flavors and taste make the use of sauces (often industrial) superfluous to give pasta its taste.

A meeting point for gourmets from the Rhône Alpes region in the heart of the historic center of Saint-Étienne, the CORNAND grocery store offers more than 3500 references of fine foods. Of course, more than 300 references of authentic dry, fresh and stuffed pasta, long or short, in bags, boxes or in bulk (reserved for egg-free pasta) made daily in the nearby workshop. But also specialized departments under major brands of salted and sweet groceries, culinary and pastry aids, teas, cocoa coffees, mushrooms, drinks and fresh products...

Cornan House
5 rue pointe cadet
42000 Saint Etienne
Tel. 04 77 32 90 45

While continuing its way on the roads of Saint Etienne, one inevitably falls on the street Michelet where is the beautiful store Pralus, of the name of its creator, famous ligérien and not Lyonnais as much thinks it.
Born in Mars, in the Loire, in 1920, Auguste Pralus opened his pastry shop in Roanne in 1948. In 1955, this talented pastry chef obtained the much envied title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, which he owes to his rigor and his demand for quality. He will become successively President of the Pastry Chef's Union, Member of the Culinary Academy of France, Knight of Arts, Sciences and Letters and finally, will be honored with the title of Knight of the National Order of Merit.
His fame comes especially from his very famous invention: the delicious Praluline. This tasty brioche that titillates our taste buds and plunges us, in one bite, into enchanted childhood memories. A tasty brioche with homemade praline chips - almonds from the Valencia region and hazelnuts from Piedmont, roasted and crushed - the Praluline is made in the Saint Etienne store, among others.
The Praluline is the star of the Pralus House and has become the ambassador of the gastronomic know-how of the Loire region.

Boutique Pralus - Saint-Etienne 9 rue Michelet 42000 ST ÉTIENNE

Tel : 33 (0) 4 77 30 26 03

6. The Fourme de Montbrison

- visit of an organic and artisanal cheese dairy : La fromagerie des Hautes Chaumes Hubert Tarit. La Fromagerie des Hautes Chaumes is one of the two ARTISANALE cheese dairies of Sauvain. Come and discover in the pretty village of Sauvain, in the heart of the Monts du Forez, the making of the Fourme de Montbrison : practice of artisanal methods, use of raw and whole milk from the mountain pastures, slow maturing in the high altitude cellars crossed by the fresh waters of the springs. Hubert Tarit is an artisanal cheese maker who will seduce your palate with a proposal of artisanal and organic Fourme de Montbrison. Passionate about his job, he will accompany you on a visit to the heart of the cheese factory. You will discover the traditional manufacturing methods of an ancestral cheese. You will then go to the store where you can enjoy local products. Guided tour on reservation for groups. Saturday from 9am to 12:30pm and from 3pm to 7pm. Sunday and holidays from 3pm to 7pm

For more information : [email protected]
Tel : 0477768912

- Société fromagère de St Bonnet le Pont de la Pierre The origin of the cheese dairy of St Bonnet le Pont de la Pierre goes back to the first quarter of the last century, now it is the biggest producer of Fourme de Montbrison with more than 300 tons of Fourmes de Montbrison produced per year. The search for quality is the leitmotiv of each production.
The site was built in the spirit of the jasseries of the past and the tour of the cheese factory is rich in information. You will discover the stages necessary to the making of the Fourme de Montbrison, from the vats to the maturing cellar, passing through the draining rooms. At the end of the visit, you will be able to stroll around and taste the precious cheese in the store in pasteurized or raw milk form.

Fromagerie du PONT DE LA PIERRE
Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm
July and August : from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5:30pm
Tel : 04 77 76 82 86
Le Pont de la Pierre
42940 St Bonnet le Courreau

7. The Badoit factory and the town of Saint Galmier

Saint-Galmier, a flowery town with a rich past, is also a beautiful destination to visit. After a detour to the Gavé bridge, mentioned in the Middle Ages, head for the formerly fortified town center, which has a few nuggets, such as the columned house or the Ursuline cloister. You will be able to see, at the bend in the streets, some houses dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Continue your visit by discovering the Badoit factory:
Exploited in 1837 by Saturnin Badoit, the water from the spring gushes out naturally sparkling and makes the fame of Saint-Galmier today.
When you arrive, stop by the kiosk and take the time to taste this water, long sought after for its medicinal properties...
You will also discover the façade of the old Badoit factory building, classified as a historical monument. The production plant is open to visitors upon reservation at the tourist office.
Minimum age: 8 years old - Limited number of places

Reservation required:
1 Rue de la Dame Noire
42330 Saint-Galmier

8. The Saffron farm in La Gimond

The company, marie les épices was created in 2010
The main activity is the cultivation of saffron, the spice with multiple virtues also called the Red Gold.
Its cultivation, natural and manual, is done in the same way for centuries. It cannot be mechanized because of the difficulty of harvesting and processing.

Marie les épices in a few words :
1st saffron plantation established in the Loire (in La Gimond)
Sale of saffron bulbs in July and harvest in October
10 planted saffron fields
1 store at the farm

Marie les épices - marie charbonnier -
672 chemin du Charles -
42140 La Gimond -
Tel : 06 26 03 25 65

9. The baldo snail

Gilles DELEAGE Snail farmer in open-air parks, sown with rapeseed and mustard...The breeding is done between the periods of frost. Possibility to visit by appointment.

Tel. 06 99 01 44 06

10. Verbena of Forez

Verveine du Forez is an artisanal and family business in the Forez region in the commune of Bonson, 15 minutes from the castle.
For three generations, the Forissier family has cultivated the Forézienne land to make a gastronomic specialty by transforming organic verbena into liqueur and infusion. The wild verbena which grows only in Forez is the real verbena. It is no longer found in the shops, replaced by its much more universal lemon twin. Time has erased this plant from books and gardens. However, verbena is the emblematic plant of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. The FORISSIER company is therefore working hard to revive this plant with its extraordinary flavors.
True treasure of Forez, the House Forissier offers a liqueur based on this verbena. It is a treasure of family and local history tinged with a powerful green and a unique flavor.
For the infusions, the vervain is pruned by hand before being dried.
For the liqueur, the verbena is macerated and not distilled to bring more freshness to the finished product, unlike other liqueurs which are distilled and have a taste of cooked plants. The verbena liqueur is made according to the traditional recipe of Forez based on surfin alcohol (high purity) and fresh plants. It is a liqueur of tasting. With a low alcohol content of 30% by volume, it can be enjoyed at the end of a gastronomic meal and complements with subtlety varietal wines and grands crus.

Sébastien Forissier, manager of the Maison Forissier, opens the doors of his company to let us visit and taste his specialties.

MAISON FORISSIER Chemin des Lièvres 42160 Bonson
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday all day, and Friday morning.
On reservation at 0981181606

To find all the products of Forez :