The 10 sports and leisure activities

1. A hot air balloon flight from the castle

We have built a privileged partnership with Forez Montgolfière and Airshow Viverols. You will be able to take off from the castle to take height and discover the plain of Forez in all its splendor.

If you wish to live this adventure, we take care of the reservation with our partners.

2. A parachute jump at the foot of the village

Make a jump from the airport of Andrézieux Bouthéon, 5 minutes from the castle, by a great team. The manager of the company Ciel d'Aventure has been 5 times French Champion and vice-World Champion of parachute jumping. His team will welcome you with kindness and in complete safety to make your tandem jump according to the weather conditions. With its 10 years of experience in the Rhône-Alpes region, Ciel d'Aventure is one of the leaders in tandem skydiving. Its particularity is to be 100% focused on the realization of your skydiving experience. Conviviality and good mood will be at the rendez-vous! The objective is to make you live a strong moment which will be engraved forever in your memory ;)

On reservation

3. A float

The sensory isolation by the floating pool is a new concept in the Loire and Haute-Loire: Your body floats in water at 34 °, in an absolute calm, which allows you to reach a state of intense relaxation. The body relaxes and the mind escapes! A unique sensory experience to let go! It reduces stress, relieves certain aches and pains and contributes to a good physical recovery for athletes. You can then continue with a massage done by the hands of fairies.

Nature d'O
1 Rue de la Marine
42170 Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert
On reservation at 06 12 63 69 24

4. A flight in a multi-axis microlight

From the airport of Saint-Etienne Bouthéon, 5 minutes from the castle, you will live a unique experience combining sensations and pleasure of the eyes during a flight in ULM multiaxes. Indeed, from the sky you will have a breathtaking view on the magnificent Gorges of the Loire, the famous Grangent dam, but also on the atypical Aurec-sur-Loire and finally St Etienne.

On reservation at 04 77 36 56 09

5. A trip in the park of Pilat in cani-kart

Alone or with others, enjoy a nature walk in the PILAT regional park in a kart pulled by dogs and directed by the musher. The activity lasts about 1h30, it includes the ride and an explanatory part, exchange and contact with the dogs ... An original way to discover this beautiful natural park and to be in contact with nature.

On reservation at 0619127023
[email protected]
Place de l'église
42660 Marlhes

6. An electric mountain bike or Trott'park ride in the Pilat park

To take advantage of the Pilat more easily because the difference in level is very important. For groups of 6 people or more: every day. For the others : Sundays and holidays.

7. Go hiking barefoot

In the Loire, it is possible to try an unusual activity: the barefoot trail. The principle: to make a hike without shoes. This original outing is in Saint-Georges-en-Couzan, 50 minutes from the castle. It takes about 1h30 to do it. As a family, you can have fun and especially work your memory along the 1.5 km long trail because, in addition to seeking a feeling of well-being, 11 riddles are found on the trail. Many of the games are based on tales from our childhood. This activity is therefore quite feasible with children.
Why go on a barefoot hike? The objective of this hike is to relax, to get your feet wet. By walking barefoot in the forest, our feet become more muscular: this activity works the many bones in our feet. Moreover, sleeping more easily is a good argument if you hesitate to walk barefoot on hiking trails. The level of cortisol (the stress hormone) decreases when our feet are in direct contact with the ground.
"Lou pié décho" is open every day during the Easter and summer vacations and on weekends and public holidays from May to October. Price: 6 euros.

The Farm of Servanges
Janny and Roger MOULIN
411 Route d'Epézy
42990 Saint Georges en Couzan
06 88 55 02 99

[email protected]

8. Golf

The Golf des Etangs in Savigneux : Located in a remarkable setting, between the plain and the Forez mountains, the Golf des Etangs welcomes you in a quiet and preserved natural site. The complex spreads over more than 42 hectares, offering an 18-hole course (par 70 of 5 562 m) with a varied and technical layout, nevertheless accessible to all.
35 Chemin du Golf
42600 Savigneux
Tel : 04 77 24 80 07

Saint Etienne Golf Club :
A green lung in the heart of the city of Saint-Etienne, the 18-hole golf course is easily accessible by the A72 freeway linking the region to Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon.
From all sides, there are beautiful views of the countryside and hills of Saint-Etienne, along a hilly and wooded course, with a layout that is as technical as it is accessible to golfers of all levels.
The Bluegreen Saint-Etienne golf course offers you quality facilities only 10 minutes from the town hall square. Try our 18-hole golf course, hilly and technical at the same time with nice views of the city.
The golf course also has a compact 6-hole course that will soon be expanded to 9 holes for even more fun. Our driving range has 100 stations to train in the best conditions, including 8 with screens connected to Toptracer technology.
Bluegreen Saint-Etienne has 5 approach areas, a putting green and an 18-hole miniature golf course!
Saint-Etienne's golf course has a driving range where you can perfect your swing, while the "Côté Green" restaurant is one of the most pleasant restaurants in Saint-Etienne, with its panoramic terraces overlooking the course.

Golf Bluegreen Saint-Etienne
62, rue Saint-Simon
42000 Saint Etienne
Tel : 04 77 32 14 63

9. Making a labyrinth

In Saint-Cyr-les-Vignes, in the heart of Forez, go through a plant maze: a corn field, laid out in a real maze, for 1h30 of "cob" adventure...that!
Created in 2017, this maze promises a beautiful plant immersion, in the heart of the Loire nature. With family or friends, this giant corn maze offers an incredible playground punctuated by numerous activities along the way. In the summer, when the plants have reached maturity, it is easy to get lost in this ephemeral maze of 2.5 km. If you find the solution to the riddles scattered throughout this corn maze you will have the chance to win an ice cream from the farm Les Délices Foréziens who created this game. The ice creams won are all of farm origin. And to be more precise, they are made with milk from the farm. In total, you will have the choice among 50 flavors of ice creams and sorbets. As for the milk and the cream, all the ingredients used are of first quality: the vanilla is prepared with Bourbon vanilla pods (and not flavors), the fruits are cultivated in the region (except for exotic fruits): strawberries, mara des bois, apricots, vine peaches, williams pears, raspberries... Bourbon vanilla ice cream, Velay verbena ice cream, salted butter caramel ice cream, raspberry sorbet, chocolate ice cream made with Weiss chocolate, are among the favorites. Innovation is also present with subtle flavors such as the orange blossom honey ice cream, the tomato sorbet... enough to motivate us to get out of the maze as soon as possible!

La Ferme des Délices
1230 chemin des Sermages 42210 Saint-Cyr-les-Vignes

10. A giant zip line

If you like nature and thrills, you will be served. The "Fantasticable" is less than 40 minutes from the castle. One kilometer of cable stretched between the hills of the Madone and the Plat d'Yzeron, in the Monts du Lyonnais. Once equipped, in a lying position, you have to go for it to reach 80km/h at 80 meters above the village of Yzeron. The speed can sometimes reach 110 km/h. It's breathtaking. The amateurs of strong sensations are going to enjoy themselves!
An aerial journey during which you will be able to contemplate the surroundings of Lyon up to the Alps if the weather allows it.
The Fantasticable also offers tree climbing, donkey rides, an escape game and even a spa. Enough to keep you busy for a day!

741 Chemin du Plat 69510 Yzeron

09 72 35 29 89